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That’s right, we’ve got a couple of  CDs out!  Both are mostly traditional bluegrass, with a few originals thrown in. The awesome artwork was a collaboration of Billy and our friend and amazing artist, Mott Jordan. If you want to get one, just  send us an email and  we’ll shoot one right out to you with a big thanks!!

HOME AGAIN”….stay tuned….its in the final stages and should be out by May!


NIGHTBIRD3OuterArtworkProof3 (12)


The  majority  of the recording of “Nightbird” was done with a single mic! Dave Nielsen of Rancho Armadillo Audio Services  in Santa Cruz  was our recording engineer(and firestarter for this project!).







“Dirty Water” was our first CD and we had a great time recording it at Johnnymando Studio in Santa Cruz. Billy’s original, the title track, was inspired by a show he saw about one of the dilemmas with large scale pig farming in the south. The song tells the story! Rob and Pete were happy that we recorded their original instrumentals, as well.





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