About the Band

Bean Creek is a California bluegrass band that prides themselves on song selection and delivery. They search for songs that have been lost or underappreciated and make them their own, while still tapping into the bluegrass tradition of the original vocal rendition.  They have carved a niche for themselves among the critical and experienced bluegrass fans as the “real thing”.  More suede than patent leather, Bean Creek wants to sing and play as it was done in times past. Band members include Billy Pitrone on guitar and vocals, Sarah Eblen on bass and vocals, Rob Horgan on banjo and Peter Hicks on mandolin, fiddle and vocals.

big mouth

Billy Pitrone(vocals, guitar) pens songs that tell a story, and sings ‘em like he was there. He has the unmistakable voice of a natural singer, and he pours his soul into every verse.








sarah_goofySarah Eblen(vocals, bass) has a wonderfully sweet and clear voice that charms listeners young and old, and her bass playing keeps the band on the rails.







Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks(vocals, fiddle, mandolin) with his rough hewn fiddle strokes, honky-tonk voice and edgy mandolin, conjures up great old bluegrass, and great old country.







Rob Horgan

Rob Horgan(banjo) is equally at home driving a Scruggs-style break, galloping along with an open back, or pulling in stylings of the melodic players, and he weaves it all together seamlessly with clarity and precision.

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