About the Band

The voice of Bean Creek is imbued with early country and mountain music, yet has a joyful and exuberant quality all its own. Their music is a soulful expression from a group of talented, experienced players who understand and love bluegrass music, and perform it with vigor and honesty.

Billy Pitrone

Billy Pitrone

(vocals, guitar) pens songs that tell a story, and sings ‘em like he was there. He has the unmistakable voice of a natural singer, and he pours his soul into every verse.






Sarah Eblen

Sarah Eblen

(vocals, bass) has a wonderfully sweet and clear voice that charms listeners young and old, and her bass playing rocks the band as naturally as a mother her cradle.








Peter HIcks

(vocals, fiddle, mandolin) with his rough hewn fiddle strokes, honky-tonk voice and edgy mandolin, conjures up great old bluegrass, and great old country.








Rob Horgan

(banjo) is equally at home driving a Scruggs-style break, galloping along with an open back, or pulling in stylings of the melodic players, and he weaves it all together seamlessly with clarity and precision.